Proposed EEO-1 Pay Data Collection Report

Posted By on Jul 26, 2016 |

On July 14, 2016 the EEOC issued a revision to the proposed EEO-1 pay data collection report.  The revision addressed some of the employer concerns submitted to the agency after the release in February of this year.


The Proposed Rules lay out new pay reporting components for employers, requiring them to report the number of employees that fall into each of the “pay bands” within each EEO-1 category.  In addition to the counts, employers will also report the total number of hours worked by those employees.


The revised update of the Proposed Rules move the filing due date from September 30 to March 31st, allowing employers to use W-2 income data from the prior year.  Employers will count their employees from a pay period between October 1st and December 31st and use W-2 income and hours-worked data for these employees for the entire year, ending December 31st.


The first filing under the new requirements would be March 31st, 2018 using pay and hours worked data from 2017.   Employers will file their regular 2016 report by September 30.  There would be no filings in 2017, giving employers 1.5 years to come into compliance under the new requirements.


Employers have until August 15, 2016 to submit written feedback to the EEOC.