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Implementation Webinar Series: New AAP Regulations for Protected
Veterans & Individuals with Disabilities

This is a series of four sessions providing in-depth information and “how to” tips for the two new Affirmative Action Plan requirements for Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities that became effective on March 24, 2014.

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The “Long” & The “Short” of Veteran and Disability AAP Compliance
The “Long”: a detailed walk-through of the actual new regulations, highlighted to focus on specific points that make these regulations different from the current versions. This detailed session will include some “hidden gems” which seem to have gone unnoticed in some of the commentaries we’ve been reading.

The “Short”: an overview of both sets of regulations, with emphasis on the new data requirements for applicants, hires and goals.

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OFCCP’s Focus on Employee Compensation
A major focus for OFCCP is uncovering pay discrimination by federal contractors and subcontractors. Our webinar explains why this has potentially significant consequences and offers specific ways employers can prepare now to respond effectively.

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OFCCP’s Quest for a Winning Audit
Recent OFCCP audits resemble a solitaire player who keeps dealing and re-dealing in search of a desirable outcome. OFCCP’s desired outcome is sanctions and back pay awards for non compliance. Our new webinar demonstrates effective tools and techniques for responding to persistent demands for new data which OFCCP analyzes in ever-changing combinations.

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Short Programs (30 minutes)

  • AAP Basics: Basic Elements of Affirmative Action Programs
  • Applicant Tracking and Internet Record Keeping
  • OFCCP Audits – What to Expect
  • Principles of Adverse Impact

One Hour Programs

  • Affirmative Action Programs: It’s No Mystery After All
  • The Harassment-Free Workplace

Two Hour Program

  • The Harassment-Free Workplace for California Employers
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