About Us

We’ve been in business since 1984 doing just what we do now. That amount of knowledge and experience simply can’t be matched. We aren’t a subsidiary or a business unit. We’re the one so many attorneys turn to when they need expert help in AAP preparation, compliance, consulting and more.

Our Senior Team Members average over 25 years of hands-on human resources experience in a wide variety of public, private and non-profit sector organizations. Other team members average 15 years experience. This extraordinary depth of experience, unheard of with most AAP providers, means that your affirmative action planĀ is specially designed to meet the highest standards of accuracy and compliance. You won’t find students, interns or other inexperienced individuals working on your AAPs.

You can rely on personal attention and exceptional service. Our team members interact personally with you at each step of the preparation process and all your work is carefully supervised by your Human Resource Specialties Project Manager.