Need An HR Expert?

Support For Employers

Responding to human resource issues in today’s complex work environments can be challenging, to say the least. From regulatory considerations to “people management” concerns, we offer expert insights and assistance to organizations large and small.

Audits of Human Resource Systems

Are your human resource systems and procedures up to date? We perform audits of all areas of human resources including: regulatory compliance, employee selection, supervisory training, policies and procedures, performance appraisals, discipline and corrective action, and record keeping.

Investigation of Complaints and Grievances

Employee complaints and grievances deserve quick action and investigation and using an objective, neutral fact finder boosts employee confidence in the fairness of the process. We perform HR investigations including allegations of unfair treatment and racial or sexual harassment. Our professionals have comprehensive experience with all types of EEO-related investigations, and have worked extensively with EEO issues as both corporate representatives and as enforcement officers for government agencies.

Objective Advice and Problem Solving

Sometimes an organization needs an objective assessment of an employee situation. Our professionals are experts in assessing employee or management situations, as well as providing advice and assistance or referrals to other resources.